PhotoMath: Better Than the Conventional Calculator

Photomath is an app that allows you to solve algebraic equations using your phone’s camera. It is available for Android and Apple devices.

The app was created by a team called Microblink. Photomath is not the first app that Microblink created. Most of the other apps they created utilize the phone’s camera, such as Photopay.

Why is this app easier than a calculator? It saves you time and effort by cutting out all the tedious steps you would have to do with a calculator. This saves time for  difficult equations.

First you find an equation you want to solve. Then you pull up the app and point your phone’s camera at it and wait for it to solve it. It does not just show you the answer; it also shows you how it solved the equation step by step.

This app is a great substitution for a regular calculator. It cuts down on the amount of time it takes to solve an equation. This way you do not have to spend all your time on the easy repetitive equations and work on the equations that are more time consuming.

Just like a calculator makes multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction faster, the Photomath app makes different algebraic equations easier. This will help in multi-step equations, by cutting down the amount of little mistakes that could be made. This way one little mistake will not ruin the entire problem.

Even though this is a great app it has a few problems. It struggles to read sloppy handwritten equations. It also does not read the every equation correctly. That is why you should always check if it has the right equation popped up before you write down the answer. That being said no app for solving math is going to be perfect.