Outdoor Club Living Up To Its Name

At Cedar Shoals High School, Outdoor Club, led by Cedar teachers Ms. Brittany Moore and Ms. Carly Chandler, has one simple goal that gave them their name: they want to get students outside.

According to Chandler, science department, Outdoor Club is currently working on multiple projects.

“One’s just to get outdoors and go hiking, explore the natural areas right around us,” she said.

“A lot of students have an interest in going camping, so I think that’s something we really want to do,” Chandler said.

Outdoor Club also works to beautify areas around the school, including multiple gardens they maintain.

We have a community garden that we work in, and we are also taking care of the memorial garden,” said Chandler.

“When I first went [to an Outdoor Club meeting], we went and worked on the memory garden and got all the weeds cut out, and then, [in the] community garden, we went and laid down the lines and the beds for when we go out and plant,” said James Farley, sophomore.

The community garden is a space where multiple classes and the Outdoor Club have worked to form a garden where vegetables such as kale, turnips cabbage, beets, spinach, and radishes are being grown. They set up different plots for assigned groups and used their plots to not only grow vegetables, but also to learn about soil composition.

Outdoor Club has broadened Farley’s interests.

“I like that you just have a place to go and you know, do something with nature, because I really didn’t like nature or anything outside, so I just wanted to try something new, and I liked it,” he said.