The Gift of Psych: Psych the Movie Review

Back in 2014 the TV show Psych aired its final episode. But on December 7, 2017 the gang reunited to produce Psych: the Movie, a made-for-TV Holiday movie starring San Francisco’s finest psychic detective and his best friend Gus.

Psych is probably my favorite TV show of all time and I have been super psyched for the revival ever since Cary Elwes leaked that creator Steve Frank and star James Roday were writing the script. Elwes played the international art thief Pierre Despereaux, my favorite recurring character, who actually isn’t even in the movie.

Despite Elwes not participating in the movie, Psych: the Movie is full of favorite characters which made me misty-eyed with nostalgia. I will admit that the greatest appeal of the movie isn’t the storyline, but the nostalgia that comes with watching a revival of your favorite show.

There are three interconnecting storylines running throughout the movie, and while it gets a little jumbled, everything makes sense in the end (except for one involving Juliet and Chief Vick’s daughter Iris, that one still doesn’t make sense). The story between Juliet and Iris could have been better developed, but it also didn’t make sense in the overall plot of the movie. Setting that aside, the movie is fun, hilarious, and will make Psych fans’ hearts leap.

There are countless references to recurring jokes from the series such as “C’mon son” and the strategic placement of pineapples. Almost every favorite recurring character imaginable is in the episode or at least referenced, these characters include Nick Conforth (Ralph Macchio), Mary Lightly (Jimmi Simpson), and Allison Cowley (Mena Suvari).

At the end of the movie, I was overflowing with joy. For long-time fans of the show, it will likely become a favorite holiday movie because it’s a movie that makes you happy and puts you into the Holiday spirit. At the end of the movie, they leave it open for a potential sequel (hopefully including Omundson) yet they still tie up the storylines from the series finale.

While the movie might not be up for best-picture at the Oscars, Psych: the Movie is one of the best movies of 2017 and is a welcome addition to my favorite TV series as well as a beautiful holiday movie except instead of Santa Claus it has convicted serial killers and a million Gremlins references.