Students and Faculty Shoot Their Shots: Who Will Win?

On March 28, 2018, Cedar Shoals Student Government Association will host the third annual Student vs. Faculty basketball game where students can finally give teachers their worst on the court.

With the past two consecutive games resulting in teacher wins, students are ready to step up and show out.

“I’ve been practicing and I think I’ve got what it takes to help beat the teachers this year,” said Kyan Thao, sophomore.

“We are more athletic than the teachers. The students are definitely winning this year,” said Zach Holland, senior and three-time participant.

Although the students are confident, the teachers are prepared to continue their winning streak.

“We’re not planning on losing this one,” said Mr. Matthew Baker, science department.

“We’re bigger, wiser, and stronger. We make good decisions under pressure,” said Brittany Ritter, science department.

The event will be led and hosted by the Student Government Association members in efforts of building school spirit.

“We will have representatives from The Cottage present at the game to show our community that we are glad to host events like these which will definitely up the school spirit,” said senior Ka’lah Paige, SGA president.

Aside from their goal for victory, the teachers see many benefits arising from this event including allowing students to see a different side of teachers.

“It’s a good opportunity for the teachers to interact with the students in a different way. A lot of the times the only context students ever see us in are the ones in the classroom, and this lets students see their teachers as more than just teachers,” said Baker.

“Often times things get serious in the classroom. It’s cool for students to be able to see that teachers are people too, not just dictators in the classroom,” said William Lee, English department and SGA co-coordinator,

Lee also believes this event is a way to have fun aside from just academics and learning.

“In school, so many people are just trying to get a grade, pass, and get out. With this event, we’re sharing experiences at the school outside of just trying to get a grade,” he said.

Megan Ogden, English Department member and co-coordinator of SGA, believes that this event provides a healthy, fun competition among students and teachers.

“We may have battles or disagreements at times in the classroom, but we were able to put that aside and have some fun,” Ogden said.

Students also envision stronger bonds developing between the whole Cedar community.

“I think the game will help people in the school and the community bond because a lot of people enjoy basketball,” said Holland. “It will bring us closer together,”

“It [the game] will bring a lot of people out so they can become more involved with Cedar Shoals, and see what Cedar is really about,” said D’kota Brightwell, senior.

Tickets cost $5 for adults, and $3 for students. The money accumulated from the ticket sales of event will be going to The Cottage, a charity for sexual assault and a safe place for domestically abused women and children.

“Being able to give back is integral, it helps to foster good relationships with the community,” said Lee.

“This charity does a lot for our us, and we wanted to give back to our local community in Athens,” said Ogden. “We’re not trying to make a profit, we are just trying better the place we live in.”