Hoops, They did it Again: Faculty’s Three Year Winning Streak Continues

With a final score of 43-39, the teachers once again claimed victory in the third annual Student vs. Faculty basketball game held on March 28, 2018.

The faculty continuing their three year winning streak left Christopher Brown, senior, disappointed.

“I thought this was the year we took over, but I guess we’ll have to wait till next year,” he said.

Teachers did not hesitate to gloat about their success.

“I just want everyone to know that we won, and we look forward to winning next year,” said Mr. Nick Setchel, business department.

“I’m not surprised that we won,” said Grant Moro, physical education department. “I can see this trend continuing.”

Aside from winning, the goal of this event is to establish a better connection throughout the school community, and teachers and students believe this goal has been met.

“I played students that I didn’t really know, but now I know them and talk to them in the hallways,” said Setchel.

“It wasn’t about grades, assignments, or failed tests, but about getting to know their personalities and I think a lot of people liked that,” said Brown.

The event has another purpose: charity. Cedar Shoals Student Government Association raised and donated $322 for The Cottage.

“Of course, after an event you always think of a million things you could do to make it better,” said Megan Ogden, SGA coordinator. “But I wanted to develop a connection between students and teachers, and for there to be student involvement and I think we achieved both goals.”

“There was a great turn out. It was great to see all of those people coming to support either side,” said Setchel.

“Regardless of the win and loss, it was all about donating items to benefit those in need of more resources,” said Brown. “We gave back to our communities and that’s what matters.”