Picture this: a new photography club

10th graders Lily Gehner, Ethan Rice, and Taniya Young were sitting in their Spanish class and decided that Cedar Shoals was missing a place where students could congregate about pictures. So they decided to start one themselves.

The sophomores had the idea to start a photography club in the spring to teach other students how to use cameras, as well as their own phones, to take better photos.

“We emailed Mr. Maxwell about the club. We also emailed some people who may be our sponsor,” said Young.

The three were able to find a sponsor with Ms. Adrienne Kitchens in the fine arts department.

“If there is a group of students interested in a photography club and if they were wanting to run it themselves. Like have a student leader, and make it a student-led club I would be willing to be the sponsor,” Ms. Kitchens said.

The students do have some specific ideas about the purpose and goals of the club.

“The main goal would be to teach students about how to take photos,” said Rice.

“No more than fifteen students. Anything more would be too many,” said Taniya Young. “I have been in some clubs that had a lot of members and they never really get much done.”

“We want to have all of the people in the club take pictures each week and then as a club look at them and talk about them as a group.” says Lily Gehner. “Maybe even have professional photographers talk to us and give us tips on how to take better pictures”

The students have the big idea for the club, but they still need to work out small but important details — like when the club will start or meet each week.

The three wish to create the club during the spring semester, because as of now say they have too many after school activities.

“We don’t know when it will start, but we will deal with that when we are closer to spring,” said Lily Gehner