Youthful Lady Jags seeking improvement

The Lady Jags softball team ended last season with a 3-10 record, one most teams would find disappointing. But with the guidance of new head coach Brittany Ritter, the Lady Jags are confident in their team’s improvement.

In this season’s fifth game, Cedar Shoals defeated Johnson High School 24-6, with sophomore Jashia Turner leading the way with 2 RBIs. 

Experience is an issue for the team, consisting of two seniors, seven sophomores, and seven freshmen. But those numbers also suggest a hopeful future.

“We’re learning the game as we’re going. With it being my first year as head coach, I’m trying to learn more about how the girls play together and who goes where,” Ritter said.

The younger core of the team is confident in their improvement. Freshman Mallory Huntsman has been playing softball for five years, now assisting other freshman girls who have less experience with the game.

“For many of them, this is their first year playing so they don’t know what’s going on at times, and I do what I can to help them,” Huntsman said.

Sophomore Hadiza Sarr is also stepping up to lead her team. At practice and before games, she leads the workout, warm-ups, and calls out for where people need to be.

“Lakayla Massey and I have been taking that role since we got here. There’s only two seniors and there’s only so much that they can do, so we needed to step up,” Sarr said.

With upcoming games against teams like rival Clarke Central on September 25, the Lady Jags are still confident in building their team’s chemistry and learning where they play best.

“I think we’re getting to the point that progress is being seen. And I think the next time that we see Clarke Central, it’s going to be a totally different team. So again: details, little things, we got the big picture. And now we just need those little adjustments. I see a bright future for us,” said Ritter.

Photo by Patrick Redmond. Video by Alex Soto-Rosales.

Quinn Moore

Quinn Moore is a senior writer for the BluePrints Magazine. This will be his fourth year as a member of the program. Moore has attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. He is interested in an assortment of careers including psychology, animal hospitality, manufacturing, and travel. Moore enjoys skateboarding, sports, music, hanging out with his friends, and would like to write an opinion piece this year that gets people to think in a way they might have not before.