Bolton Doesn’t Plan on Bolting from the Cedar Family

Auburn Bolton, Cedar Shoals’ registrar, announced he’s leaving his current position and transitioning to Information Support Specialist at the Whitehead Annex, effective Monday, September 30th. 

Questions and Answers with Mr. Bolton

How long have you been at Cedar Shoals as both a student and faculty? 

“I graduated from Cedar Shoals in 2010. I came back in 2014 starting off as counseling secretary for a couple of months then transitioned into the registrar. I’ve been the registrar since January of 2015.” 

What kind of student could you picture yourself as when you attended this school? 

“I was the drumline captain, an involved student in the marching band. I started off on the snare when I was in 8th grade at Coile Middle School and continued to be on the snare line for the next four years when I attended Cedar. My junior year here I was the drumline co-captain and my senior year I became the drumline captain. Basically, I led the other two snares we had, the five basses, and two tenors. Overall, I was a good student and I made good grades.”  

What inspired you to come back working at your alma mater?

“I’m a die-hard Jaguar fan. I just wanted to be able to come back and inspire kids and give back to children. When the opportunity presented itself, I definitely jumped on it. I love Cedar Shoals, I love the atmosphere, I just love everything it has to offer. The courses we offer, from Auto-tech and a good band program, just being able to give back and mentor younger students.”

How is Cedar different today versus when you attended as a student?

“We did not get free lunch like everybody, however the food was better back then. Things are different. From a student perspective it’s hard for me to say because I was in the classroom, and now I’m not. We did have more school spirit back then. We all knew it was homecoming week, we decorated. It was lots of fun, definitely more spirited in that sense. However, I do think with our school store kids have a bigger benefit because we never have the opportunity to do fat-heads and customs shirts.” 

Many students aren’t aware of what a Registrar even is. Can you explain to me your job and what you do on a daily basis?

“A registrar is in charge of the whole grading system for the school. A typical day is registering and enrolling kids, make sure that their transcripts and grades are updated, as well as the student information system. I’m constantly checking for incomplete or in-progress to see if a student needs to take an EOC (End-of-Course test). I handle withdrawn students and process all their records into the next school. Basically protecting the integrity of the students’ information and make sure that teachers have accurate information and it’s up to date.”  

What decisions led to you taking the new position as Information Support Specialist at Whitehead Annex Elementary? 

“In December I’ll be graduating with my masters in business at Piedmont College, and I decided to take the position because I wanted a bigger opportunity. As registrar in a high school,  basically there’s nowhere to grow. Being able to become Information Support Specialist will allow me to be able to support not only Cedar Shoals, but the whole Clarke County School District in general and it allows me to expand my horizons. I love taking on new challenges, so being able to take on the challenge from the district level to basically support registrars and administrators to be able to come up with a cohesive system that will allow teachers to be trained on Students Information System to allow us to get a better understanding of Parent and Student Portal – that’s what made me apply for that position”

What are you most looking forward to at your new school?

I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead and being the conductor of the Student Information System: being a super-user, so basically being able to go in and just make sure that each school has the support that they need. Coming from being a registrar, there’s things that I can bring to the table that to say, “Hey, high, middle, and elementary schools need this support from the district level,” and being that liaison to build that bridge to make it easier for office personals in the schools. 

I’m sure Cedar Shoals will leave an impact on you in many ways, but what’s one signature thing you will greatly miss?

“The atmosphere and working with my colleagues. Cedar Shoals is very family oriented, so me taking the position was bittersweet. I’ve been with my team for about five to six years now, so basically leaving this family oriented area, my colleagues, the great student body here, the family that’s here at Cedar. Not saying where I’m going isn’t family oriented, but I’m not there yet. I haven’t built that relationship.”

What’s a funny or good memory you have from working here?

“Mr. Swoopes, our graduation coach, his morning inspirational speeches are something that has always stuck with me. His famous “swoop there it is,” just being able to hear that in the mornings always stuck with me because it’s very motivational. It was something to get your day going and I always enjoyed dearly.”