Q&A: Senior defensive tackle Jaheim Wilson

Starting defensive tackle Jaheim Wilson, senior, for Cedar Shoals. Jaheim is an integral part of the Jaguar team, putting pressure on the opposing offense, and leading by example. Jaheim brings a lot to the table – literally. He is 6 ft, 285 lbs, and averages 8.6 tackles a game.

When did you move to Cedar shoals?

 “I moved here in the summer, going into my junior year.”

What was your reason for coming here? 

“I came to this school because it has more competition”

What was the football program like at your old school compared to the shoals?

“It was good and it was more intense. They have bigger people and there’s more competition.”

What do you see for your future in football and how do you plan on accomplishing your goals?

“I plan on being all-state and first team all region.”

How have you been trying to get to those goals?

“Putting in the work on weekends, coming Saturdays and Sundays.”

Who is your biggest influence on football and why?

“Probably my uncle, He talks to me a lot about it.  He tells me what I can do and how I need to influence it.”

What’s an example? What does he tell you? 

“He coaches me on what I need to do on the weekends.” 

How did you prepare and practice last year in and out of the field to come out with a win in the Cedar/Central game?

 “Work hard, and work on the fundamentals.”

What do your practices look like with a big game coming up?

“There are a lot of teams and a lot of hype.”

What kind of hype?


What weaknesses and strengths do you see within your game? How do you plan on strengthening those weaknesses?

“Getting off the ball is, and to improve that I jump rope and run hills.”

 How do you influence your leadership on this team given that your team captain?

“Just by leading by example and doing what I am supposed to do.”

Can you give me an example?

“Finish through the line, touch the line when we’re supposed to. Things like that.”

What about communication?

 “Getting all the plays and helping on what my teammates need to do.”

When the game gets tough, what drives you to keep pushing and finishing strong in the game?

“Just to know that I got my brothers alongside me and I want to win.”

What do you enjoy outside of football? Any specific hobbies?

“I like to fish.”

 What type of fishing? Bass fishing?


You like to use finesse bait? Crank bait? 

“I like using plastic worms.”