On or off the field, motivation at its finest

Though initially doubted to have much playing time this season, defensive end Austin McDavid, junior, plans on strengthening his player mindset and become a role model to his teammates senior year. Having played only six games, McDavid has been involved in eight solo tackles and assisted in twelve combined tackles in the 2019 season. 

Having experience on the varsity team since freshman year, McDavid feels prepared to step into the leading role and support his younger teammates with advice on the field and in the classroom. 

“He can have his moments but he will get back to it.  He knows how to control himself. He is always going hard and helping the younger players,” said center Corbin Umble, junior. 

Though McDavid has missed out on some games after a left-hand injury, he still motivated and supported his teammates whilst watching on the sidelines. 

“When I was injured I focused on stretching my hand and doing light workouts. On the sideline, I was so ready to go back in and I used that (energy) to hype my teammates up. Basically cheering them on and throwing my hands up whenever we scored,” McDavid said.   

After changing his personal goals to become a better role model, McDavid has recently begun to step up and encourage the people around him when he notices negative energy looming over the team.  

“Even if we are losing at the end of a game I make sure everybody is alright and good,” McDavid said. 

As the season progressed, Defensive Line Coach Sheddrick Wynn has noticed McDavid’s dedication and transition from trying to get more minutes on the field to counseling his younger, less experienced teammates. 

“The thing about Austin is he encourages the younger guys and gives them some of the game and school experience that they need and could look forward to,” Coach Wynn said.  

McDavid devotes his time to football and puts in the work it takes to continue to improve as an individual and a team as a whole. 

“I go in for early mornings and late nights, just grinding it out,” McDavid said. 

Lorelai Crook

Lorelai Crook is a senior writer for the BluePrints Magazine. Crook would like to go to college and major in dance so that she can become a teacher and run her own studio. She hopes to continue to learn how to write different kinds of articles and work with people whose passions differ from hers.