Back on his home court

After coming off a 7-3 winning region record in the 2018-19 season and making it into the second round of the playoffs, losing 77-62 against Kell High School, senior basketball star Quincy Canty had to make several decisions that could alter his future in basketball. 

Canty was offered the opportunity to attend Core 4 Academy in Atlanta.  Former Atlanta Hawks player Paul Milsap founded Core 4 Academy in 2017 to provide an opportunity for unsigned high school seniors to build on their basketball skills with elite NBA, collegiate, and international trainers. Players also get competitive play opportunities against other academies.    

“The reason why I left was initially to play better competitions, just you know to play in front of more college coaches and just get more and better exposure,” Canty said.  

His family also had a role in Canty’s decision while considering Core 4. 

“I supported his ultimate decision of him going there (Core 4) because I thought it was going to be a great opportunity for him,” said Quincy’s sister Kylia Canty, junior. 

Canty’s decision to leave Cedar brought a sense of hopelessness to not only the basketball team but also the student body, although Canty believed the team’s success would not be impacted by his absence.  

“After that [Quincy’s departure] I originally felt pretty unmotivated when he told me he was leaving, but I feel like it goes both ways because after it sunk in I felt more motivated than ever to help the team,” senior Anthony Jones said.  

“I told the team and the coaches that I was going to believe in them and show up to some of the games even though I was leaving,” Canty said. 

However, Canty’s time at Core 4 was short-lived. Before classes started, Canty spent less than a month training at the academy before deciding to move back to Athens and Cedar Shoals.  

Dynamic Duo: Tyler “Chip” Johnson stands next to Quincy Canty during conditioning for the 19-20 season. “I’m glad he’s back for our senior year, can’t wait to get started. Photo and caption by Alex Soto

Teammate and close friend senior Tyler “Chip” Johnson was also happy with the return of Canty. 

 “I feel good because he was like a brother to me since elementary school, and whatever he decides to do, I’m behind him. I respect his decision for coming back,” Johnson said.   

Associate varsity boys coach Grant Moro was surprised by Canty’s return. 

“I was a little surprised honestly and happy. We’re happy to have him back on the team, on the court and personality-wise we really would have missed it,”  Moro said.  

Canty’s presence was felt immediately in preseason action. On November 7, the Jaguars played Lakeview Academy in a pre-season scrimmage blowing out Lakeview 82-48. Canty was subbed out late in the third quarter ending the night with 21 points. 

“It feels really good to be back with my teammates, it didn’t feel different being back on the court. I’m glad to be back with my Jaguar family.”   

Calvin Williams

Calvin Williams is a senior Sports Editor for WJAG-TV. He has attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Williams is interested in microbiology and hopes to help new students in the program learn how to cover events. He enjoys writing and covering stories and working with others that are equally as passionate about journalism.