Jags put on a show against Blue Devils at home

The Jags blew out the Elbert County Blue Devils 89-29 on December 10th, 2019 at Cedar. 

Seniors Quincy Canty and Tyler Johnson combined for 30 points, Johnson held down on defense with 3 steals and blocks.

“Going in we just wanted to handle our business and do what we were supposed to do, and that’s what we did,” Canty said.

Cedar came out fast, scoring 29 points in the first quarter. Johnson’s high-caliber defense held the Blue Devils to just two points by the end of the first quarter. 

Sophomore point guard Kashik Brown made his statement Tuesday night scoring 14 points with 2 steals and a block, putting Cedar in the lead 50-10 by halftime. Cedar kept up their pace by the start of the second half. Their deep bench allowed for quick substitutions from senior Jamal McIntosh, junior Isaiah Sanchez, and senior Rickil Willingham that kept the entire Blue Devils team on their feet. 

“I knew we were going to blow them out, and I knew there would be a lot of substitutions, so a lot of the game was cheering on my team and watching them have fun,” Johnson said.

The Blue Devils managed a 12-point run going after Canty and Johnson left the game, but Cedar led 73-22 after the third quarter with Roger Walker scoring seven points and Jerdavian Colbert adding six. 

With the Blue Devils’ bench worn out, and the Jags scored another 16 points to close the night out with a classic blowout at Cedar Shoals.

Quinn Moore

Quinn Moore is a senior writer for the BluePrints Magazine. This will be his fourth year as a member of the program. Moore has attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. He is interested in an assortment of careers including psychology, animal hospitality, manufacturing, and travel. Moore enjoys skateboarding, sports, music, hanging out with his friends, and would like to write an opinion piece this year that gets people to think in a way they might have not before.