Looking up

30 games, one court and 15 players each bring their own strengths to the team. But one 5’6” guard stands out from the rest.

Sophomore Kashik Brown has played a major role in the Jaguars’ success on the court this season, helping the team advance to the 5-A championship game this Friday in Macon. Brown can be easily noticed while on the court because of one big characteristic: his height.  

Brown uses his lack of height to his advantage. He does not allow the stereotypical definition of a basketball player to define him as an athlete. Brown uses those negative perceptions in the game as motivation.  

“My height motivates me because I can do things that 6’4” and 6’6” guards can do,” Brown said.  

Brown’s teammates mentor him because he is one of the youngest members of the team. They give him the advice he needs to succeed, so he will not make mistakes that could possibly impact his basketball career in the future. Brown wants to become a role model on the team and focuses on how to be a supportive teammate. 

“Whenever Kashik and I talk about basketball, he doesn’t really ask questions. He’s more interested in trying to lead the team. It’s all about the fundamentals,” senior Quincy Canty said. 

Known as “Fat” by his peers, teammates and family, Brown  earned his nickname with a simple origin story.  

“When I was little I was really fat, so my mom just started calling me ’Fat.  Everybody started calling me Fat and it just stayed with me,” Brown said.  

Canty first heard of Brown during his 10th grade season.

“When I first heard of him people told me that he was a fast guard and can finish around the rim on anybody. My first impression of him was that he was cool and calm and he really didn’t say much. When it came down to basketball he was really serious,” Canty said.        

Being the last season for seniors Tyler Johnson and Canty, the team seeks to replace their quality leadership. These two leaders on the team have had a huge impact on the younger players, especially Brown. 

“Their talent impacts me the most. They know what it takes to win and they know how to get to the next level,” Brown said. 

Assistant Coach Grant Moro often witnesses Brown’s intensity when he attacks the rim. 

“He uses his quickness to make his shots and he creates shots from others. Sometimes I think he gets a little tunnel vision which allows him to take the next step at that point guard position. He can score, but can you make the game easier for his teammates and then set guys up,” Moro said. 

Sophomore Jerdavian Colbert admires Brown’s high level work ethic and resilience.   

“We’ve been friends since elementary school and just watching him progress day in and day out has been really fun. The thing is, he never lets anyone get him down which pushes him towards his goals,” Colbert said. 

Only a sophomore, Brown has to put in the work now to get to where he wants to be in the future. He is able to get the support he needs from his teammates in order to reach his goals as an athlete. 

“They give me advice on what I need to do in class.  They give advice about what to do on the court, so that I will not do what other people do and do the right thing.  That way I can make it big in basketball,” Brown said.