Review: State of Decay 2 – Juggernaut Edition

Since its initial release date in May 2018, State of Decay 2 has released various updates and patches to the game. These updates brought many new features, such as crash fixes, new game modes, and new weapons. Now State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition brings much more. 

Released on March 13, this new update introduces new content for both new and old players. A brand new map called  Providence Ridge, based on the Pacific Northwest, allows players to explore new territories and five unique bases. Previously, the game had three maps on campaign mode for players. A new map was on the top of the community wishlist.  

The post-tutorial experience has also been revamped for new players. When beginning the game, players still arrive at an abandoned refugee camp, Camp Osprey. Previously, players were able to pick which of the three maps they wanted to live in after leaving Camp Osprey. With the new update, players are forced to settle at the Firewatch Fortress base located in Providence Ridge. This base is much easier to manage than the previous split-level home bases in other maps. The entire base is outdoors, and players can see all their facilities at once. It also has a built-in survey tower for players to see the land around them. 

New players will have to go through new starter missions to help them better understand the game. The new starter missions include selecting a leader for the players’ community, learning the four different leader types, and moving bases. The new missions help ease new players into the game. 

A NEW WORLD: Providence Ridge offers a unique town for players to explore. Players can also try to find the town’s mascot, Shaggy Jack, in various places around the map.

The update also features a new fresh look for the main menu and how all the game modes can be accessed directly from there. The in-game user interface and goals screen have different looks as well. The goals/missions screen has been divided into three categories: story, community, and external goals. 

The graphics of the game have also been improved. The lighting on all four maps has changed. Sunlight now appears to be more natural. The color grading has been improved to give each map a distinct visual identity. Nighttime skies in the game are brighter to help players navigate in-game. Trees and foliage have increased detail and enhanced light response. Paved and dirt roads react better to light and blend better into the terrain. The changes to the graphics give the game a more natural sharp look. 

UNLIMITED FREEDOM: State of Decay 2 allows players to “choose their own apocalypse”. Players can choose which missions they want to do, how to improve their base, and what survivors to recruit. 

Best of all, Juggernaut Edition makes all previous purchasable downloadable content free for all players. Daybreak (co-op game mode), Heartland (story-based campaign and the original map of State of Decay, Trumbull Valley), and the Independence Pack (special vehicles, weapons, and gear) are unlocked once downloading the game. If players have previously purchased any of DLCs, they will receive special in-game rewards. 

Previously, the game was exclusive to Xbox and the Windows 10 store. The update makes the game available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.
The massive update includes much more. Including a new category of weapons, improved control scheme, and better audio experience. New and old players will enjoy Juggernaut Edition, which makes the game feel more like “State of Decay 2.5”

Stephany Gaona-Perez

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