Catching up with Colbert

Leading the team with 491 total rushing yards, averaging 81 rushing yards and 13 receiving yards per game, junior running back and receiver Jerdavian Colbert is this season’s star athlete. The Jags stand at a 2-3 season record so far, looking to turn things around, and Colbert is confident the Jags have what it takes. 

“The season didn’t start off how we wanted it to, but we’re looking to get our record back on track,” Colbert said.

Known for his athleticism, Colbert’s speed and catching ability allow him to gain incredible yardage on exciting plays.

“Jerdavian is an integral part of our offense. We rely heavily on our running game, so it’s no surprise that he gets as many carries and yards as he does,” senior kicker William Fang said.

This season, players are asked to practice at a safe distance from each other. Masks are not required, but a player can wear one if they choose to. As for crowds, only 1,600 fans are allowed to attend each game. Colbert doesn’t think that it has affected him negatively at all.

“The pandemic hasn’t changed the way I play personally. We still practice and train the same way. It’s harder at games without a full crowd though because the fans keep us motivated and hyped up,” Colbert said.

The pandemic however, has taken a toll on schooling this year. With online learning being unprecedented, students have had to quickly adjust to a new routine.

“Online learning isn’t ideal for me. I’m more of a hands on learner. I’d rather go back to school in person,” Colbert said.

As for the coaches, new challenges arise this season surrounding the ongoing pandemic.

“Everything is different for us now, we have to follow day to day protocol, coaches have to wear masks on the sidelines, we could be a call away from a cancellation or forfeiture,” head coach Leroy Ryals said. “There is so much that is out of our hands this season, but we’re not going to worry about the things we can’t control. We are still working just as hard every day.” 

Although his athletic performance has been outstanding this season, Colbert remains unsatisfied. 

“I feel like my performance this season isn’t at my best, I know I’m better than what I’m showing and I want to do better for the team,” Colbert said.

Colbert’s determination and perfectionism is part of what makes him such a great athlete. He is also a crucial component of the Jaguar varsity basketball team. After he hit the game-winning shot in last year’s playoff game against Southwest Dekalb, fans are eager to see what Colbert brings to the basketball court this year. Based on his performance on the field, there’s no doubt Colbert will keep the same energy on the court.

“Jerdavian is a fun loving guy, he’s a great teammate and is a player who will not settle for anything. He stays healthy and keeps his body in shape. He’s a small guy but he’s a lot tougher than you think,” Ryals said.

Quinn Moore

Quinn Moore is a senior writer for the BluePrints Magazine. This will be his fourth year as a member of the program. Moore has attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. He is interested in an assortment of careers including psychology, animal hospitality, manufacturing, and travel. Moore enjoys skateboarding, sports, music, hanging out with his friends, and would like to write an opinion piece this year that gets people to think in a way they might have not before.