A new start for the lady jags

A new face Cedar Shoals students might see this year is that of Ms. Alley Howell, even though she is not necessarily new to the building. Completing her first year teaching virtually during the pandemic, Howell was eager to get in front of students in person. 

“Teaching virtually was super hard, and it was definitely a challenge to start my teaching career with,” Howell said. 

She prefers in person teaching over virtual because she is able to build relationships with her students and have face to face interactions. 

“There’s obviously a big difference because they (students) are here.” 

In addition to teaching 9th grade literature & composition, Howell will take over as the Lady Jags soccer head coach after being an assistant for half of last year’s season. Howell has always had a passion for soccer and has been playing since she was a kid. 

“I wanted to coach. That was it. This is my goal,” Howell said.  

Growing up in Athens, Howell attended Oconee County High School. Throughout her four years, Howell played soccer and since then she knew she wanted to pursue it in some form because she could never get bored from playing soccer. 

“I have always wanted to be a head coach of a high school program,” Howell said 

After graduating high school Howell attended Emmanuel College for two years and then transferred and graduated from the University of Georgia. Howell continued playing soccer throughout college. 

The Lady Jags don’t have a great track record with their last win being in 2018 (4-3) against East Jackson. Howell is hoping to at least win five games this upcoming season. Howell says as she is taking this season seriously in hopes she can get the team just as committed and excited as she is. 

“If you want to play soccer then you’ve got to commit all year round,” Howell said. 

Howell also worked as an assistant Lady Jags basketball coach last season. She says she looks up to Head Coach T. Wall’s coaching style and has a goal of teaching her players some of the things she has learned from working alongside Wall. 

“She (Wall) is very organized, knows exactly what she wants and what her expectations are for her program. Her girls respect her so much and just being able to watch her run a program with such grace and be so successful was truly inspiring,” Howell said. “I’m going to try to implement this on the soccer team and I am really grateful for that opportunity.”

Genevieve Bielli

Sophomore Genevieve Bielli is a Broadcast Reporter for her second year with BluePrints. She is interested in going to nursing school and becoming a CRNA. Bielli enjoys hanging out with friends and is planning on joining the Aqua Jags. She appreciates the collaborative efforts of the staff. She has attended both the Southern Interscholastic Press Association and ​​Georgia Scholastic Press Association.