Senior Advisory Board announces class of 2022 officers

On Oct. 14, the Class of 2022 officers for the Cedar Shoals Senior Advisory Board (SAB) were announced to the Cedar Shoals community. 

Cedar’s version of a student council for the senior class, SAB plans the senior picnic and breakfast, activities for the senior class and designs the senior hoodies and t-shirts.

The officers include President Kori Edmonds, Vice President Derrick Brown, Public Relations Ivory Armstrong, Assistant of Public Relations Arlin Juarez, officer of Marketing Nijah Huff, and Assistant of Marketing Robrazia Knight.

Advisor Valencia Thornton has high hopes for SAB this school year. 

“The goal for the six of them is (learning) teamwork, getting along, learning about leadership, agreeing to disagree and learning some big life skills,” Thornton said. “I tell them, ‘You represent yourselves, you represent Cedar, you represent the senior class and you represent the district.’”

All seniors who pay their senior dues can participate in providing ideas for and attending events, but the officers facilitate meetings and planning. Additionally, President Kori Edmonds and Vice President Derrick Brown will be on stage at the class of 2022 graduation and act as a voice for the senior class.

The officers applied via written application with two letters of recommendation from teachers. 

“I only had one (applicant) want to be president and she was perfect as a president,” Thornton said.

Edmonds applied to SABto channel her leadership skills into executing ideas that would benefit her class. 

“I wanted to make sure that the senior class could have a really good year and make tons of great memories,” Edmonds said. “I had a lot of ideas and my peers mentioned good ideas to me, so I figured that I could be a spokesperson.”

As president of the Cedar Shoals FFA chapter, Brown applied to the board because he believes that he can be a leader that the senior class needs.

“I saw the need for someone to step up in terms of being a leader for the senior class,” Brown said. “As soon as I saw this opportunity, I immediately jumped at it.”

Edmonds wants to improve more than just her leadership and communication skills through her role as president.

“(I want to gain) new perspectives on how to lead and how to brainstorm and come up with ideas that everybody can enjoy that I can hopefully take with me to college and apply those in other areas of my life,” Edmonds said.

Brown hopes to help his class finish the school year strong and wants to get to know more of his classmates.

“We really want to push that message that, ‘We’re almost done. We’re a few months away and we’re getting there,’” Brown said. “I  really hope to get to know everybody and I hope they get to know me a little better. Because we’re all in this together, we’re all going to be gone in a few months. I really just hope we all take advantage of the time we have together.” 

As the Dec. 18 deadline for paying senior dues approaches, Brown hopes that all of his classmates take advantage of the opportunities provided by paying their dues. 

“By paying your dues you have access to a plethora of opportunities that are designed for us (seniors), and I would hate for some of my friends and classmates to miss out. I hope that my team and I are able to come up with not only more opportunities for students to pay their senior dues, but opportunities maybe for alumni, parents or other organizations within our school to help students pay those dues,” Brown said.

Tory Ratajczak

Senior Tory Ratajczak is the Managing Editor and Co-Copy Editor during her fourth year with BluePrints Magazine. She would like to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine or Animal Science in the future. Ratajczak swims for the Cedar Shoals AquaJags and performs aerial silks at Canopy Studios. She also loves reading and spending time with her dogs. This year she would like to increase her efficiency and create a managing system that works well for the BluePrints staff. She appreciates the supportive community and being able to help others create work they are proud of.