Can’t get over Summer Walker’s “Still Over It”

Released on Nov 4, R&B icon Summer Walker’s second album “Still over it”  is one for the books.  

Through the 20 track sequel to her 2019 Album “Over it” Walker tells a powerful falling out of love story that is entertaining and relatable. She vents in her lyrics without sounding repetitive or resentful and instead seems to be at peace with a toxic relationship that has run its course. 

The Atlanta born artist describes the album as “an opportunity to learn from my mistakes” in a message to Apple music. Through songs like “Closure,” “Session 33” and “Broken Promises” she reveals the mental toll of her draining romantic relations and the feelings of confusion and regret that arise from them. 

In the highly anticipated “4th Baby Mama,” Walker criticizes her former producer and father of her child, London Holmes — also known as  London on da Track. 

“How could you make me spend my whole f*cking pregnancy alone?” Walker asks in the second verse, the ultimate diss to the man known for posting all he does for his children and girlfriends.

Summer never fails to pour emotion into her work, which is why listeners identify with her lyrics. Posts on social media show fans preparing to “slide down a wall crying” after listening. Walker even reshared a meme titled “The summer slide” on her instagram after the album release properly explaining the technique, showcasing her ability to connect with listeners. 

“Still Over It” highlights Walker’s wide range and strength in lyricism and word play as she refuses to box herself into one flow. The album houses songs that are upbeat and danceable as well as others that are calm and laid back. 

Features on the album from R&B singers Ari Lennox and SZA, rappers Cardi B, JT from City Girls and Lil Durk are like icing on the poetic cake that Walker baked. Each guest artist contributes their unique style without overpowering Summer. 

A narration from award-winning singer songwriter Ciara closes off the album in “Ciara’s Prayer.”

“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, I believe in this pure love, this is what I want. Lord, thank you for reminding me who I am, I am a queen, I deserve to be treated like one,” Ciara says — a fitting close and summary of Walker’s album. 

Ikeoluwa Ojo

Junior Ikeoluwa Ojo is the Assistant News Editor for BluePrints Magazine. She plans on pursuing a career in social work, child psychology, or law. Outside of school, she enjoys cooking, braiding hair, and creating mandala pen art designs. Ojo’s goals in journalism this year are to produce a variety of interesting news pieces. Her favorite part of journalism is the student-led aspect of the class, and she enjoys meeting news people and hearing their perspectives through interviews.