Fillingim scores first girls soccer goal in 3 seasons

On Friday, Jan. 28, The Cedar Shoals girl soccer team scored their first goal since the 2017-18 season in a 1-1 tie against Providence Christian. The tie was also the first non-loss for the Lady Jags since the 2018-19 season, which was a 0-0 tie with Prince Avenue. 

“We’ve been working hard for so long,” senior Raquel Fillingim said. “Having our hard work finally pay off is a feeling that is rarely matched.”

Fillingim scored the historic goal, and it instantly became the highlight of her soccer career thus far. 

“Being the person who ended the drought was a goal of mine, but not my main focus. When I actually did it, my view of it instantly changed. I was seen as a hero in a way, and it really boosted the team’s confidence,” Fillingim said.

With renewed confidence, Fillingim says this season is the best chance for success that the team has had in a while. 

“We have a shot to win a few games. If we keep playing as hard as we have in previous games this season, we could definitely have some success,” Fillingim said.

For juniors like Genesis Moreno, the goal was the first one that they have seen in their soccer career at Cedar Shoals. 

“It felt like we were never going to score,” junior Genesis Moreno said.“When we scored, I got a feeling of hope and excitement.” 

The Jags have a game against Social Circle tonight, and they’re looking to get into the win column.

Moreno has a lot of confidence in her teammates, and is excited for upcoming games. 

“This is already the most successful season during my time on the team,” said Moreno, “and I feel like things are going to keep improving.”

Gabriel Holcomb

Junior Gabriel Holcomb is a second-year Staff Writer for BluePrints Magazine. Holcomb hopes to work for a baseball team in the future and wants to grow his skills in the sportswriting field. He enjoys roller coasters and the bond that the staff has.