Cromartie in the Crowd

If there’s one thing that students are best known for when it comes to sports, it’s school spirit. The current Cedar Shoals student exhibiting and leading the most school spirit is sophomore Isaiah Cromartie. 

Cromartie is a staple at many of the Cedar sporting events, specifically basketball, football and volleyball this fall. 

Cromartie started going to games regularly in 6th grade, and was hooked by the atmosphere of the gymnasium and football stands.

“I love how loud the games can get,” Cromartie said. “It shows that Cedar Shoals is the place to be on Friday nights or whenever the basketball team is at home.”

Cromartie’s friends also enjoy how much he supports the Jaguars. 

“He’s just really passionate about Cedar sports,” junior Jose Balvar said. “He’s always at the games and he’s always fired up.” Balvar is a member of the football team, as he’s both an offensive and defensive lineman. 

Some of Cromartie’s favorite all-time memories happened while he was sitting in the bleachers of the Cedar Shoals gymnasium. 

“I remember when we were playing Lithonia in the 2020 playoffs,” Cromartie said. “We just kept moving the ball around, and we eventually hit a game winning three, and everyone ran on the court.” 

It turns out that wasn’t even his favorite moment of the tournament, as yet another miracle was in store during the semifinals at Fort Valley State. 

“It’s the longest I’ve gone to see the Jags play,” Cromartie said. “It’s two and a half hours, but my godmother drove me down there.”

In the fourth overtime, Southwest DeKalb led 72-70. The Jaguars needed a three to win. In a hectic moment of multiple misses and passes, guard Tyler Johnson had the ball last. He hit a last second three pointer in a moment that MaxPreps ranked the second best buzzer beater of the year and number three best play of the year in general. Cedar got the 73-72 win and headed to the class 5-A championship. 

“It was absolutely awesome. It’s my favorite moment going to a Cedar game,” Cromartie said.

Not every event is memorable, as there are some things that he has seen that he disapproves of.

In the first game of the 2022 football season, a major fight broke out between the Cedar Shoals and Clarke Central teams after a late hit near the Cedar sideline. 

“This was something that had been building up all game,” Cromartie said. “Sometimes emotions can just get the best of you. I know they can do better.”

A diehard Georgia Bulldogs fan, Cromartie enjoys watching games between the hedges, too.

“I recently saw them play Samford. The Bulldogs are my favorite sports team, period” Cromartie said. “The atmosphere is completely different, Sanford (Stadium) is such a crazy environment, and Cedar is much more chill in comparison.”

Cromartie’s spirit shows up with his post high school plans. He hopes to help people during tough times when he grows up. 

“I just want to become a funeral home director,” Cromartie said. “I want to be able to help people in their time of need.”

Gabriel Holcomb

Junior Gabriel Holcomb is a second-year Staff Writer for BluePrints Magazine. Holcomb hopes to work for a baseball team in the future and wants to grow his skills in the sportswriting field. He enjoys roller coasters and the bond that the staff has.

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