Why students should make Lifehack.org an Everyday Thing

Ever looked for a website that would help you not only improve, but also change your lifestyle? Little tips, quotes, and pictures that other people contribute along with their own experiences can have a surprising, reflective impact on readers with flexible and open-minds. In this case, Lifehack.org is an exceptional example of a website with creative, open-minded writers and encouraging content to help make a difference in your life.

Lifehack.org features everything ranging from articles to quotes, infographics, and comics, with bright images and original drawings to illustrate the authors’ words. The articles are carefully written, thought provoking, and have a kind, warm feeling to them as the reader takes in the content. I especially think the illustration, “17 interesting graphs that define the life of an Introvert” is a personal example of warm and funny content I can best relate to, because the author and I are similar.

People benefit from hearing other people’s stories and thoughts, especially since an individual can’t come up with brilliant thoughts and ideas all by him or herself. For me, as I read the articles regarding communication and lifestyle, I learned from the writer’s thoughts. The article “How to train for a happy life in 7 easy tips” by Ms. Michelle A. Hommes offers an engaged writer and active contributor’s tips to Lifehack.org, as well as other various websites.

“I am inspired by life and I write what I know,” said Hommes. “As much as I love to write to inspire others, I need the same. I also love to learn and sharing ideas is how we make things better and improve our own lives.”

Topics range from communication, health, and lifestyles to technology and work, and there are still plenty of things in between, such as motivation, family, pregnancy, and parenting. Articles could go from helpful encouraging things such as “8 Things That Happen When You Stop Comparing” to simple tips and techniques, such as “6 Infographics To Help You Make Healthy Smoothies (With Recipes)”.

Change happens from multiple perspectives. No matter how perfect or accomplished a person may seem, there are always external and internal things that can be improved. There are things such as improving your personality, or the stances you choose to take towards certain controversial issues, to understanding others more and knowing what you really stand for in life.

“Personally, I think any way we can find more positivity, more inspiration and add it to our lives, the better,” said Hommes. “Sometimes, the fastest way to get where we need to be is to take the slow route.  It is where reflection, perspective, and insight grow as we become better in tune with our true soul and being.  It is where we are most at peace and where growth begins.”

Lifehack.org simply puts together voices and words of reflective, thoughtful, open-minded people whose only goal is to share their thoughts and experiences with others in the hopes of creating change. People are never guaranteed to change just by listening to others, but it definitely never hurts anyone to try.

“I hope to write more uplifting articles on introverts and personal growth, in particular about low self-esteem,” said Yong Kang Chan, a Lifehack contributor, author, and animator. “I feel it’s meaningful to help and encourage others to love themselves more and not be so hard on themselves.”

“It is easy to find the negative in any situation, but it takes effort to find something positive,” said Hommes. “When I experience something personally, I can translate that feeling onto paper and share that emotion with others. Some people will get it right away and other times, people will think I am talking a different language.”

Lifehack.org can help people as well as be there for them. People will come and go in the real world, but at Lifehack.org, the voices and words of the writers will always be there to help guide the readers toward their passion, while also helping them find happiness within themselves.

“I don’t think true happiness is something that can be found. Similar to passion, it has never left you; it’s always there within you,” said Chan. “But we are so busy with our lives and so used to looking outside ourselves for happiness, that we fail to see what’s within.”

“ONE person can change the world,” said Homme. “We are starving from lack of guidance, thirsty for hope, and yet we don’t want to be the ones to fill that need for others. We have become very self-serving and until that stops, we will be in this state of being lost. No one becomes strong by being in weak situations. We MUST challenge ourselves and therefore, challenge the world in order to invoke change.  Don’t let the noise of society change your heart, or make it hard. Be true to yourself even when others can’t be true to who they are.”