Roll It Up, but Roll Out Your Money

Roll It Up is a new ice cream parlor on Alps Road that calls itself an “ice cream revolution.” Roll It Up serves customers ice cream made on a cold plate, which freezes cream right before your eyes using liquid nitrogen.

Customers go through a six step process to see their ice cream being made. First you order your cream type, syrup, toppings, and pick a mix, then they prepare your cup. Roll It Up prepares the cream daily, freezing it to order on the cold plate. Going from cream to ice in under a minute, right in front of you, the ice cream is rolled up into several spirals which are placed decoratively into your cup and finished off with toppings.

Roll It Up attempts to present itself as a trendy and hip environment, with bright colors and interesting wall art. However, it comes off as loud and flashy, a gaudy attempt to present itself as cultured and chic. Music blares at an uncomfortable volume, preventing conversation, and that’s only made worse by the annoying noise of ice cream preparation, loud metal banging similar to forks scraping. The building itself has poor design, as the lights are placed right over fans creating a headache-inducing strobe light effect,  not to mention that the place lacks a welcoming vibe or decent customer service.

While they do provide a large array of options to choose from, only a few flavors are bold and delicious. Most turn out to be disappointingly bland, such as coffee or cookies and cream. Although they do offer flavor enhancing options like syrup choices and toppings, the syrup is drizzled on lightly, as if it wasn’t even there, and the toppings are minuscule and tasteless.

Roll It Up is an overpriced experience with poor quality ice cream and an obnoxious atmosphere, that wastes your money purely on presentation. You pay $6 plus tax for a cup of ice cream that is worth half of the cost, if that. If you’re looking for a nice, peaceful environment to eat food, this isn’t it. But if you want to be in a hip modern environment with an interesting take on ice cream, you’ve got your place.