Offset – Father of 4: a track-by-track review

Released February 22, 2019, FATHER OF 4 is the debut solo album of Migos member Offset. With features from artists such as Cardi B, J. Cole, 21 Savage, group member Quavo, and Gucci Mane, Offset is the last Migo to release his solo album. Having gained a lot of attention due to his marriage to and marital problems with rapper Cardi B, Set’s album was highly anticipated.

The title in reference to his four children Jordan, Kody, Kalea, and Kulture, FATHER OF 4 is an album of great intentions. Offset uses the album to reveal a side of himself not depicted in his Migos persona. In the album opener “Father of 4” (feat. Big Rube), Offset apologizes to his children for not being there in the capacity he wanted to. He also talks about his past and and the things that he did to help provide for his children, including burglary.

Throughout the album, Offset apologizes to his children, mother, grandmother, wife, and even those he stole from for his behaviors in the past. He acknowledges the problems that he has created and the ones he is going through now and expresses sincere regret. Set also talks about the struggles he faced growing up and calls attention to injustices facing the black community such as police brutality. In acknowledging these problems, Offset realizes that he cannot be selfish in his newfound wealth and must strive to repay those who helped him, including his mother, and make plans for the future of his children.

While the album succeeded in relaying Set’s emotions, the album is not very appealing. The beats feature his signature trap style, but they are simple in essence. The simplicity of the beats may be deliberate as to not overpower his message, but it causes the album to lack instrumentally. Offset’s message does come through, but it feels as if he only touches on issues. Rather than delving into them, he leaves the listener wanting more. Filler songs such as “On Fleek” and “Quarter Milli” also don’t mix well with the album

Overall, the album is solid. Set relayed his message well and he produces a sound separate from what he is usually tied to with Migos. He also successfully uses controversial topics that surround him to his advantage by addressing them head on. If Offset cut out some of those filler songs, spiced up his beats a little bit, and went deeper with what he was expressing in his music, the album would live up to its curb appeal.

Song 1: “Father of 4” (feat. Big Rube)

He apologizes to his children for not being there in the capacity he wanted to. Talked about how he was 17 when he had his 1st, kicked out of the house, stole to help care for the child, got caught and went to jail, was in jail when child was born. Brings up most famous child Kulture with Cardi and how he feels the need to protect her from the media. Also touches on his relationship with Cardi saying she holds him down.

Song 2: “How Did I Get Here” (feat. J. Cole)

Offset raps about where he came from and some of the obstacles he faced and how he made it out. J cole also raps about his roots and the obstacles. The overall message of the song is that they defied the odds of where they grew up and made it out. Of course it has its trap style beat but the beat is fairly simple.

Song 3: “Lick”

Set raps about how he used to be broke and resorted to theft and money laundering. Lick is a term that means to get quick easy money even if that means stealing it. The beat is more lively, it has a lightness and sort of refreshing sound to it ( a flute?) He also again talks about his motivations for his stealing being providing for his children. He also says he repents for stealing from the people he stole from and talks about some of the pain he went through.

Song 4: “Tats On My Face”

Similar message as previous songs, he mentions addiction as well. SImple beat again

Song 5: “Made Men”

He basically flexes about his success. Using the term “made men” to say his success is solidified. He again talks about the things he had to do to get to where he is now. I like his flow changes on this one.

Song 6: “Wild Wild West” (feat Gunna)

Set and Gunna flex once again and say that they do as they please despite the law. Similar to Will Smith’s song of the same name. Simple beat.  Not too into the flow.

Song 7: “North Star” (feat. CeeLo Green)

Set raps about overcoming obstacles and trying to be a strong pillar, the North Star, for his people. He talks about how he tries to be strong but is also human and feels pain too. CeeLo adds in a similar message. His vocals give the song more depth and a more angelic feeling towards the end with his harmonization.

Song 8: “After Dark”

On “After Dark” Offset talks about the many injustices that black people face including police brutality and unfair imprisonment.He also talks about some things that he did and has seen that has made his heart black.

Song 9: “Don’t Lose Me”

In this song, Set apologizes to his wife cardi, he addresses all of the cheating rumours and shows feelings of remorse.

Song 10: “Underrated”

On this song Set talks about struggles he went through on his way to fame. Set also talks about his relationship with Cardi B and all of the hate and criticism he receives about it. He also talks about not being anybody until Migos hit song “Versace.”

Song 11: “Legacy” (feat. 21 Savage & Travis Scott)

In this track, Offset, Travis Scott, and 21 Savage discuss the legacy they believe they have not in music, but in the streets before their stardom: murder and drugs.

Song 12: “Clout” (feat. Cardi B)

In this song, Set and Cardi join together to address the media and people who use their names for clout and clickbait. They call out the haters and address a few rumours. The beat is a little more interesting on this one.

Song 13: “On Fleek” (feat. Quavo)

On this track, fellow Migos member Quavo joins to again flex about their riches and sex. This beat is a little more interesting as well but pretty simple.

Song 14: “Quarter Milli” (feat. Gucci Mane)

In this song, Set and gucci flex about their riches. The song overall is not good. The beat is once again simple and neither of the verses were very good. Gucci’s verse was super short and was just trash.

Song 15: “Red Room”

On “Red Room,” Offset gets pretty deep. He discusses a lot of pain, not only in himself, but those around him. He also talks about his near fatal car crash and once again mentions the things he had to do to survive in his youth. The beat is again simple, but it works well with offsets flow.

Song 16: “Came a Long Way”

In this song, Set looks back at where he came from and the journey he made to get to where he is today. He talks about how his struggle as a youth and using the money he has today to make sure he and his family never have to struggle again. The song is ok. The beat is ok and the lyrics are ok.