Colquitt brings coaching consistency to the Lady Jags

Coming off last years 2-26 record, the Cedar Shoals Lady Jags volleyball team is determined to improve their performance. Junior varsity is currently 2-0, and Varsity is 1-3 after a win against Putnam County 3-0,  and losses against Madison County 2-0, Prince Avenue 2-0, and Hart County 2-0.

Last season new coaches Mrs. Jessica Colquitt and Ms. Jessica Lonon joined the team. Together they implemented new strategies to help the Lady Jags improve. Current team averages show these improvements. 

The Lady Jags are averaging 10 total blocks, 2.7 digs per set, 13 serving aces, 27 digs, and .4 kills per set so far this season. 

“Everyday we do something called peppering, which is when you have a partner and you pass the ball back and forth by bumping,” varsity right sider Ja’niah Huff, sophomore, said. 

During games the Lady Jags use other strategies to improve their chances of winning. 

”The strategy of being alert, focused during the game, and aware of the ball will help us with unexpected things on the court,” junior Amya Maddox, varsity defense, said. Along with new perspectives, the coaches strive to create a positive, supportive atmosphere for the players.

“Our chemistry is really good. We’re always laughing, we’re always helping each other out with problems,” Maddox said.

New coaches mean new perspectives, giving the Lady Jags a new outlook on the sport.  

“I think they have made us work harder.  We are not quitters. We have gained a new respect for the game,” Huff said. 

Along with making sure the team is prepared, the coaches make efforts to obtain a tight knit bond between the players.  

“They stress how important it is to have a good bond with your team, so they encourage team bonding activities. Our team attends weekend tournaments, helps hold fundraisers, do work with UGA and will more than likely attend UGA volleyball games this season. It definitely has made a difference in how we all play and treat each other,” Edmonds said. 

The Lady Jags’ next game will take place at home, Tuesday, August 27 at 5:00 and they take on Athens Christian and Putnam County.

Photo and video by Adetokunbo Ojo.