Review: Eden’s Vegan Cafe

If you’re in need for a down-to-earth, delectable, nutritious, and ready to go meal, Eden’s Vegan Cafe is the destination for you. On August 3, the highly anticipated cafe opened, making it the first fully plant-based restaurant in Athens. Created by co-owners Nick Bradfield and Julie Hutchins, the cafe provides a peaceful and unique atmosphere complemented by food that is as good for you as it tastes.

I stopped by on opening day for lunch, and as a vegan, I was thrilled to have another restaurant that entailed no worries about the ingredients of the food not being vegan. Eden’s Cafe is  located at 1660 West Broad Street, where The Fish Shack was previously, which presents an ironic setting. The covered outside seating’s walls feature paintings of colorful burgers and other non-vegan foods, which is quite amusing. As you pull in, the decorative boat that had been there before  now flourishes with medicinal herbs that are free for public consumption. Eden’s Cafe strives to be a restaurant with ingredients sourced from local farmers while maintaining a zero waste environment. When I first walked in, I was greeted by both Bradfield and Hutchins who were very kind. It was apparent how much this company meant to them. 

I ordered the Plant Power ($8) which consisted of sweet potato, avocado, pickles, kale, and black bean hummus on multi-grain bread. All of their meals are already stocked fresh in a fridge, so there was no wait. The sandwich was absolutely delightful; I never knew how well sweet potato and black beans compliment each other, and the vegetable variety adds a satisfying crunch from the pickles. It was satiating and I enjoyed every bite. 

Some other options from their menu include the Pythagorean Theorem, (falafel bites with tabouli salad and lemon tahini drizzle) Be Chill Banh Mi (Sesame ginger marinated tempeh, carrot, cucumber, pickled daikon, cilantro, and sriracha maple mayo served on a baguette) Buddha Noodles (cold peanut sesame noodles, carrot, cucumber, squash, and thai peanut sauce on cabbage. They also offer a daily soup, beverages (coffee, matcha latte, loose leaf teas, and kombucha) breakfast choices like energy bars, chia pudding with fig, a gluten free banana nut muffin, and sweet potato cranberry bread. If you’re in the mood for dessert, you could also get blueberry cheesecake or a turmeric ginger cookie. 

They plan to expand their menu and serve hot meals, but the current assortment is still mouth-watering, affordable, and as wholesome as a meal can get. Whether you are an omnivore or a strict vegan like myself, Eden’s Vegan Cafe is a guaranteed delicious experience that leaves you satisfied and your soul warmed.