Review: Big Mouth Season 3

Netflix’s animated comedy Big Mouth has never shied away from the grossest details of puberty. However, this season focuses on more controversial and even relatable issues. 

Big Mouth portrays puberty with immature humor that reminds viewers about their own middle school experience. Season three matures the show in a way, covering topics other than just the hormonal parts of puberty. Many characters in the series have grown and have discovered their identity. Viewers will find at least one character that will remind them of the younger self. 

The second episode “Girls are Angry too” focuses on a new dress code that the girls find sexist, a common topic around American high schools. The plot features a protest from Jessi Glaser, Lola Skumpy, Devin, Gina Alvarez, and various other female students, where the girls wore more revealing clothing to protest the dress code. The episode also references to Amber Rose’s infamous Slutwalk. 

Season 3 took a different turn from the previous seasons. It covered topics such as cell phone addiction, the pressure to do well in school, and drug use. The show has changed from the immature comedy about teenage puberty it originally started as. It has turned into a show that brings attention to important issues in a way that appeals to younger audiences. 

Stephany Gaona-Perez

Stephany Gaona Perez is a senior Co-Editor in Chief for the BluePrints Magazine. She has attended both the Georgia Scholastic Press Association and Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Gaona-Perez is interested in both Criminal Justice and Journalism as possible fields of work, such as a Paralegal, Criminal Investigator, or working as a writer for a magazine/newspaper. She wants to graduate this year knowing that her fellow staff members are prepared to make excellent content and is looking forward to being a mentor for her peers.