Weekday takedown: Cedar Shoals defeats Buford 67-61

On January 7, the Cedar Shoals Jaguars took on the Buford Wolves and emerged victorious with a final score of 67-61, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from Jags Head Coach L’Dreco Thomas’ demeanor toward the end of the game.

“We were doing everything to give them the game, and it was disappointing giving away a game to the defending state champions,” Coach Thomas said. 

During the 4th quarter, the Jags continued to put up points, yet gave up fouls left and right.

“I didn’t feel like my team was responding to what we would tell him to do,” Thomas said.

Despite Thomas’ complaints, senior Quincy Canty led the Jags with 29 points, five rebounds, and three assists, followed by senior Tyler “Chip” Johnson and sophomore Kashik Brown, both with 14 points. 

“We just had to slow down and make sure that we retain all of what we were taught,” Canty said. 

This game proved to be a nail-biter like the previous game three days earlier against Clarke Central, but there were definitely some changes in the play for the Jaguars.

“Buford is overall a more disciplined team than Central, so we had to focus on keeping them out of their groove,” Canty said. 

Brown proved his explosiveness with four steals, most resulting in fast breaks by the sophomore.

“Kashik and Jamal are my two main point guards and I try to keep at least one in at all times,” Thomas said.

The Buford Wolves seek revenge against the Jaguars on January 24 at Buford High School.