Ween Concert Review

The diverse crowd that attended Ween’s concert on Sept. 16 at The Eastern included any age, race, someone even in a weasel costume. A three-hour concert needs a great set list, and Ween delivered. The wide range of music that Ween plays goes from country music “I’m Holding You” to sea shanties “She Wanted to Leave” to even a song about spinal meningitis “Spinal Meningitis (got me down)”. In total, Ween played 35 tracks, each song sounding significantly different from the other. This wide range works well for a concert setting as it keeps people entertained for even longer, not having to listen to the same genre for three hours.

Dean Ween and Gene Ween, not actually brothers, have a long history of making strange psychedelic music that is both weird and catchy. Meeting in an 8th grade typing class in 1984 and still performing today, Ween is one of the most unique bands of the 1990s.

Dean’s (Micheal Melchiondo) guitar solo during “Buckingham Green” shook The Eastern. The guitar solos in songs such as “The Grobe” and “Flutes of Chi” sounded rough and penetrated eardrums. The synth and keyboard chords by Glenn McClelland featured in songs such as “Even if you Don’t” raised the crowd in a wave of vibration. Gene, the lead singer, was prominent in every song, some of his best work being “Captain Fantasy,” “What Deaner Was Talkin’ About” and “Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?” Gene is one of a kind, and his vocal range can go extremely high or low, perfect for the band’s strange music. 

Concert recording of Ween at The Eastern in Atlanta, GA, on Sept. 16. YouTube video by The Stallion Mang.

As the concert progressed, the five musicians played weirder and more obscure songs. These tracks included “Pork Roll Egg and Cheese,” “Mononucleosis” and “Big Jilm.” After all, What better way to be introduced to lesser known music than at a live concert? Specifically, “Pork Roll Egg and Cheese” is a ridiculous song but also catchy and will stay in your head. It’s something most people wouldn’t listen to until after they hear it live.

Another track they played was “The Stallion,”a five part song incorporating the first two parts from an album called “The Pod,” the third from “Pure Guava,” and fourth and fifth parts being only played live or on inaccessible recordings. Hearing every part of “The Stallion” played one after another was an insane experience as the band got further down the line of songs, the crowd only got wilder.

Even though Dean Ween is now 51 years old and Gene Ween is 52, the duo and the rest of the band have captured the feel of the past 38 years into the future, creating a night to remember.

Isaiah Moore

Junior Isaiah Moore is a new Broadcast Reporter. Moore has an interest in film and directing, and loves being surrounded by his friends and family. He hopes to learn more about film equipment this year. He wants viewers to clearly receive the message through his pieces. Moore likes that everyone works cooperatively within the staff.