Jingle Bells’ Rock at Annual Orchestra and Choir Concert

As temperatures dropped closer to freezing, Cedar’s fine arts students showcased performances on Fine Arts Night. This year, the winter concert highlighted orchestra and choir students’ musical talents.

All orchestra and choir classes of varying skill levels performed, including 8th grade participants from Hilsman.

“It’s much of the same format as last year, just different songs. We’re doing ‘Winter Wonderland,’ ‘Silent Night,’ ‘Oh Holy Night,’ ‘Jingle Bells,’ and ‘Deck the Halls,’” said chorus teacher Doug Grant.

For intermediate and advanced chorus classes, their preparation was focused on going over the music and learning notes. Their practice wasn’t only in class though, as Grant requires students to take their music home and memorize it backwards and forwards.

“I’ve been singing my songs over and over again, and also practicing at home and listening to the recordings that my chorus teacher has sent me. It’s actually exciting to perform in front of an audience. I like showing off to people and having them watch me perform,” said 11th grader Fritz Frankowiak.

Performers were eager to share their talents with both the community and family members. Ahead of Tuesday evening, students mixed feelings, some feeling nervous anticipation, while others were excited and ecstatic. Despite possible pre-show nerves, students were determined to perform and have an impact on the audience.

“I have a little stage fright, but nothing can stop me from being excited about it. I think [the audience] they’ll like it a lot, especially our Christmas music. I love Christmas music so playing it is actually really fun,” said junior Lindsey Pack.

With admission being free, everyone and anyone was invited to come watch. Before the show started, Mr. Grant appointed his experienced singers to usher in guests and hand out programs.

“All of orchestra at Cedar is going to play: the intermediate, the advanced, and chamber orchestra. And maybe some 8th graders from Hilsman. The intermediate orchestra is going to perform some folk songs they’ve been working on and then March and Cannon. The advanced orchestra is gonna play a piece called Eclipses and also the Nutcracker March, and then they’re going to join with the chamber orchestra,” said orchestra teacher, Ms. Rebecca Floyd.

The auditorium was packed, with almost every seat taken by attentive audience members.

“I mean that was like a full crowd. Some people stood and clapped, so it was a baby standing ovation,” said parent supporter Meagan Duever.

Cedar’s orchestra was dressed up in their sleek uniform concert attire, with the females wearing long black dresses, and the males wearing black and white suits.

The chorus went for the festive angle wearing holiday sweaters and accessories. The advanced chorus class would have won the contest for most holiday spirit, as almost every performer was dressed up with either sweaters, hats, or headbands.

Overall, the concert left audience members impressed and ready for the winter break and all associated festivities.

“All this hard work that we do throughout the year, it really paid off. You’re not really sure how you sound and then you get on stage and it’s like ‘oh gosh is this really weird?’ But then it’s great, I felt like the audience was into it. When we stood up at the end, the audience applauded, there was cheering and some screaming. I was feeling good about it, you know this is some validation,” said junior Olivia Duever, first chair cello in chamber orchestra.