BluePrints Magazine attends both Georgia Scholastic Press Association (GSPA) conferences in Athens, Georgia, and the Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) conference in Columbia, South Carolina annually. The following are awards that BluePrints and its members have won through these conferences.

At the 2023 Georgia Scholastic Press Association spring awards ceremony, our publication’s students and adviser earned three individual achievement awards. All three staffs earned “Superior” ratings across the board. Finally, individual students earned a total of 12 “All-Georgia” recognitions (judged best in state) and 14 “Superior” awards. 

Achievement Awards

Georgia Champion Journalist of the Year, Runner-up – Melanie Frick

Enterprising Award – Freddrell Green for his work on the Education Matters radio show

(recognizes a student who achieves success in publishing significant, quality journalistic work outside of school in local, regional or national outlets)

First Amendment Essay Contest

1st place – Ruby Calkin

2nd place – Eva Lucero

3rd place – Tumelo Johnson

Adviser of the Year – Mr. Marc Ginsberg

Publication ratings

BluePrints Magazine – Superior

BluePrints online – Superior

WJAG-TV – Superior

Individual Awards

Social Justice Reporting

All-Georgia – Tumelo Johnson and London Moore – “Rises in rent leave tenants distraught”

Superior – Ikeoluwa Ojo – “A circle of justice”

Broadcast – News Package

All-Georgia – Melanie Frick – “Youth day at the West Broad Farmer’s Market” 

Broadcast – Feature Package

All-Georgia – Aliyah Adams – “Making music with Jaylen Stringer”

Broadcast – Sports Package 

Superior – Sabriyu Adams – “The new and improved Lady Jags”


All-Georgia – Freddrell Green and Alyssa Weiszer – “Inside info on the college decision process”

In-Depth News Story

All-Georgia – Violet Calkin – “No easy solutions”

Feature Story

Superior – Ellie Crane – “Shelving a safe space”

All-Georgia – Ikeoluwa Ojo – “Slayed”

Feature Profile

Superior – Ikeoluwa Ojo – “A labor of No Love”

Column Writing

All-Georgia – Marcus Welch – “Crypto Crisis,” “Representing the right way,” “Managing a mixed mindset”

Critical Review

Superior – Mia La – “Mochinut comes to Athens”

Sports News Story

Superior – Marcus Welch – “Lady Jags soccer ends losing streak”

Superior – Megan Wise – “Region realignment”

Sports Game Coverage

Superior – Gabe Holcomb – “Jaguars shutout in Classic City Championship”

Sports Feature Story

Superior – Kylie Toney – “Both sides of the ball”

Editorial Cartoon

All-Georgia – Ava Maddox – “My journey to accepting my culture”

Sports Photograph

Superior – Kylie Toney – “Jaguar soccer”

News Photograph

Superior – Isabella Morgan – “Dr. Hooker”

Information Graphic

Superior – Aiden Dowling – “Fast Fashion”


All-Georgia – Eva Lucero – “Managing a mixed mindset”

Superior – Mia La – “Feelings of Helplessness”

Double Truck Layout/Design

Superior – Megan Wise – “Raiders reign”

All-Georgia – Aiden Dowling – “Fast Fashion: accelerating unethical clothing production”

Social Media Storytelling

All-Georgia – Alyssa Weiszer, Melanie Frick and Ikeoluwa Ojo – “Jags in the Jungle”

Social Media Promotion

All-Georgia – Ikeoluwa Ojo, Ellie Crane, and Melanie Frick – “Magazine Promos”

2023 SIPA Trip

The Cedar Shoals BluePrints Magazine, WJAG-TV, Little Blue Book and yearbook staff traveled to Columbia, SC for the 2023 Southern Interscholastic Press Association conference March 3-5. Students participated in sessions, workshops, on-site competitions and a journalism quiz bowl. Cedar Shoals students earned the following recognitions for their continued success and hard work.

Quiz Bowl – First Place: Aiden Dowling, Gabe Holcomb, Tumelo Johnson, and Marcus Welch

-This team defeated two teams from Clarke Central to win first place. Other Cedar Shoals participants on two other teams included Ellie Crane, Kira Law, Ethan Greene, Mallory Huntsman, Emma McElhannon, Isabella Morgan, Tory Ratajczak, and Megan Wise

2023 Quiz Bowl Champions: Pictured left to right: Tumelo Johnson, Marcus Welch, Gabe Holcomb, Aiden Dowling.

On-site competitions – Teams compete against other students in different mediums and categories to produce original media stories and packages. BluePrints and Little Blue Book 

Literary Magazine winners included:

Literary Magazine 

Best Visual Elements and Best Overall: Mallory Huntsman, Ava Maddox, and Samantha Mifflin


Best Design: Ethan Greene, Kira Law, Chloe Smith, and Megan Wise

Online Media

Best Story: Melanie Frick, Ikeoluwa Ojo, Tory Ratajczak, and Zaya Roberson


Best Gallery: Delia McElhannon and Isabella Morgan

Publication ratings and awards

BluePrints Magazine – All-Southern (highest tier)

BluePrints Online – Superior; 2nd place Best in Show

WJAG-TV – Excellent

Individual Awards

SIPA Best Writing Contest

Feature Captions – Second Place:  Anna Schmidt

News Captions – Second Place: London Moore

Sports Captions – Third Place: Megan Wise

Literary Magazine, Fiction – Third Place – Ava Maddox

Newsprint – Editorial Column – Honorable Mention: Ruby Calkin

Newsprint – Investigative Story – First Place: Violet Calkin

Newsprint – News feature – First Place: Ellie Crane

Newsprint – News Feature – Third Place: Tumelo Johnson and London Moore

Newsprint – Personality Profile – Third Place: Ikeoluwa Ojo

Newsprint – Personalilty Profile – Honorable Mention: Melanie Frick

Newsprint – Review – Third Place: Marcus Welch

Newsprint – Sports Column – Second Place: Jacob Weiszer

Newsprint – Sports Feature – Second Place: Michael Niedzwiecki-Castile

Newsprint – Sports Feature – Third Place: Ethan Greene

Newsprint Portfolio – Third Place: Ikeoluwa Ojo

Online – Column – Second Place: Marcus Welch

Online – Features – Third Place: Melanie Frick

Online – Reviews – Third Place: Luz Bazarte

Online – Sports Column – Third Place: Gabe Holcomb

Online – Sports Feature – Honorable Mention: Megan Wise

Online – Sports News – First Place: Ikeoluwa Ojo

SIPA Best Visuals Contest

Newsprint – Infographic – Third Place: Ellie Crane

Newsprint – Entertainment Package – Second Place: Ellie Crane

Newsprint – Feature Package – Second Place: Kira Law

Newsprint – Headline package – Third Place: Ellie Crane

Online – Features Package – Second Place: Melanie Frick

Online – Sports package – Third Place: Ruby Calkin

2022 Georgia Scholastic Press Association Spring Awards

Publication Awards

Superior News Website- BluePrints

Superior New Magazine- BluePrints

Individual Awards

Superior Illustration- Eva Lucero “Fallen Arch”

Superior Photo Essay- Ikeoluwa Ojo and Zaya Roberson “Tatted Up”

All-Georgia News Photograph- Melanie Frick “Getting Vaccinated”

All-Georgia Commentary- Violet Calkin “The World is Crumbling Why Even Apply?

Superior Commentary- Ikeoluwa Ojo “My Dark Truth: Navigating a Color-Struck World

Superior Feature Story- Isabella Morgan “Odhiambo’s Odyssey

Superior Feature Story- Kira Law “Hustling Heredia

Superior Feature Story- Ava Maddox “The Dead Rise in Athens

All-Georgia In-Depth News Story- Jackie Wright “CCSD bus drivers cooperate and sacrifice to transport students

Superior In-Depth News Story- Melanie Frick “Growing Gifted: CCSD Program Evolves to Become More Inclusive

All-Georgia News Story- Savannah Duncan-Barnett “Local educators protest anti-critical race theory resolution

Superior News Story- Ikeoluwa Ojo “Right to pads

All Georgia COVID-19 Reporting- Lilly McGreevy “Distrust causes low vaccination rates

Superior COVID-19 Reporting- Jackie Wright “Tracing Trials

Superior Social Justice Reporting- Lilly McGreevy “Abolitionist teaching brings a new perspective to education

Superior Sports Photograph- Megan Wise “On the Mat”

All-Georgia Sports Column- Jacob Weiszer “At long last, Dawgs on top

All-Georgia Sports Feature Story- Megan Wise “Slamming the Standard

Superior Sports Feature Story- Jacob Weiszer “From Whit to Wofford

Superior Sports Game Coverage- Jacob Weiszer “Cedar Shoals drop third consecutive Classic City Championship 42-21

Superior Sports Game Coverage- Gabriel Holcomb “Jags clinch playoff spot in 27-20 win over Chestatee

Superior Sports News Story- Gabriel Holcomb “Injuries hamper Lady Jags softball season


All-Georgia Sports Package- Alexander Holland “Preparations underway for baseball season

All-Georgia Feature Package- Violet Calkin “30×30: restoring green spaces to Athens

Superior Feature Package- Melanie Frick and Lilly McGreevy “Think Before You Move

Superior News Package- Ruby Calkin and Aissatou Sarr “Counseling office opens news clothes closet