Producing a new sound

Seeing so many students interested in music production, Cedar Shoals piano and music technology teacher Aaron Price decided to create a club dedicated to it, something that Clarke County has never seen before.

“The club resonates with me because anybody can be in it, even if you’re not a classically trained musician like most of our band and orchestra students are. If you just have an interest in putting beats together, you can come and make real music,” Price said.

Among the surrounding schools and in the county, Cedar is the only one that has a music production club.

“We don’t have a lot of music tech stuff in this area. Every single school in Gwinnett County has a music tech program. Of all the surrounding counties here, we’re the only ones (who have a music tech program) so I want to get our name on the map,” Price said.

Students who are interested in participating have the opportunity to work with peers to collaborate and gain new ideas. Senior NZ Saltz is one of the students involved in the club.

“I’ve already made some songs and music. I just recently made a song for a 24-hour event. 

The song that I released called ‘Nobody’ is my favorite song that I’ve made,” Saltz said. 

Saltz enjoys getting to make music that relates to her personal life, while also helping guide the club alongside Price.

“I hope that it gives me some time to meet other people that also want to make music, as well as letting me try out a leadership role. I can help teach students the program, the software and how to produce music. Whether they’re just starting or whether they’re a little more advanced, there’s always more to learn, and I think that I know enough to help,” Saltz said. 

With a background in music, Price adds a fresh and inviting perspective on creating, teaching, producing and playing. Students are able to experience and create music for themselves or an audience. 

“I’ve always played music. I’m a percussionist and went to college to be a band director. Throughout college, I realized that I’d rather get more into this music tech thing than the band thing,” Price said.

The music production club is a space for students to hang out while experimenting with real music equipment including pianos, individual MacBook stations, audio monitors, microphones, drum pads, a recording booth, guitars and other various instruments.

“You can just show up and I can help you get you started. If you’re in a band, we could record your music. These computers have thousands of instruments built into them,” Price said.

Providing an open environment for learning and creativity, Price encourages students to expand their knowledge and interest in music while meeting new people. The club meets every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. in the fine arts building. 

“You don’t have to know how to read music to be in this class or to be in this club. Anybody can make music,” Price said.

Ericka Wilson

Junior Ericka Wilson is a new staff writer for Cedar BluePrints. After high school she would like to study speech pathology. For now, she is involved in the Cedar book club, BEE club, DECA and enjoys writing, hanging out with friends, and trying new things. Wilson’s favorite thing about journalism is the ability to report on topics that interest her.

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